I'm Sydney.


Throughout my career, I have gained valuable experience working with clients in various healthcare settings, including hospitals, outpatient facilities, skilled nursing homes, and home health services. 

Through our family’s personal experience with loved ones aging at home in addition to these traditional healthcare settings, I realized… we could be better. Happy at Home Consulting has grown over time to not only offer traditional therapy services, but provide systemic view of the existing barriers and supports within our environments.

My passion lies in helping individuals live their best lives. I approach my work with creativity, enthusiasm, and a strong sense of determination. My husband and I currently reside in Des Moines, Iowa with our son and dogs. 

Interest Areas

Home Modifications

Universal Design & Community Planning

Evidence Based Program Development

Advocacy & Policy

Professional Consulting

Home Modifications

In my role as an occupational therapist, I collaborate with contractors, architects, and interior designers.  I provide comprehensive assessments, assisting to tailor designs to the unique needs and abilities of those who will inhabit the space. My expertise guides functional design recommendations, advocating for longevity and safety, such as accessibility or ergonomic elements. I emphasize the integration of assistive technology and work closely with the team to ensure these insights seamlessly become part of the project. Ultimately, my mission centers on creating spaces that enhance quality of life and well-being for the individuals who will call them home.

Universal Design & Community Planning

Universal design and community planning hold a special place in my heart. They are about creating living spaces and communities where people, including myself and my loved ones, can live with dignity and independence. It’s not just a professional passion; it’s a deeply personal commitment to ensuring that we can all continue to live comfortably and securely in our own homes. These principles have touched my life, and I am dedicated to sharing their benefits with others, making our communities more inclusive and supportive for everyone, regardless of age or ability.

Evidence Based Program Development

I specialize in helping organizations provide successful evidence-based programs, aimed at enhancing older adults’ happiness and safety while remaining in their homes. These services are available to individuals who may not be enrolled in Medicare or those seeking additional support beyond what insurance covers. My commitment to evidence-based program development ensures that clients benefit from well-researched and effective approaches, leading to meaningful improvements in their quality of life as they age in place.

Policy & Advocacy

Through strategic partnerships with governmental and non-governmental organizations, I work to effect meaningful policy reforms that address the multifaceted challenges of aging in place.

Additionally, I prioritize employee education, offering training programs that equip healthcare professionals, policymakers, and caregivers with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the complex landscape of aging in place policy. This education empowers individuals to become advocates for seniors, ensuring their needs are recognized and met at all levels of decision-making.

Professional Consultation

Whether working with entrepreneurs, non-profits, or employers, my approach is centered on uniting diverse efforts to address common goals. I facilitate partnerships and provide strategic guidance to enhance collective impact, drive positive change, and promote a sense of community cohesion. My overarching mission is to harness the strengths of different stakeholders, enabling them to work together effectively and achieve shared objectives that benefit the broader community.

Featured Work

“As the share of older adults and multi-generational households grow, more homeowners are likely to take on accessibility projects. Inclusive design consultant and occupational therapist Sydney Marshman in Des Moines is one of the professionals they can call upon.” – Jamie Gold, Forbes Contributor

“I encourage my clients to work through an emergency response plan where these pieces would come into play, for example: client plans to stay with the daughter in the event of an outage lasting more than four hours. Is the daughter’s home accessible for client and her necessary mobility device?” 

 Quoted in Staying Resilient in Tough Times

“…in residential design, one doesn’t need to adhere to ADA guidelines if those guidelines don’t make sense for that individual client. An ADA-height toilet wouldn’t be comfortable for someone’s 4’9” grandma, for example.”

Accessibility a la carte: Exploring design options that make homes work for everyone; Coverage on KBIS Panel “Design Therapy: Collaborations For the Future of Accessible Homes.”

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